We welcome user feedback and suggestions to improve the accessibility of our products and services. If you have any suggestions or needs, please feel free to contact us. On our e-commerce platform, we believe that everyone should be able to access and enjoy the shopping experience equally. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our website and services are highly accessible to all users.

Our materials

Sustainable materials such as nylon and rubber were also sourced throughout the design process. Recently, we are testing peel fibers, which will help us push the boundaries of materials even further. Additionally, all of our liners are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. About 21 plastic bottles are recycled for every bag we produce.

Having sustainable products is very important to us. Our pieces are not made to last one season, but are designed to be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. That’s why we conduct multiple quality control tests on all new materials and styles every season.

This is just the beginning for us as we work towards becoming fully sustainable by 2023. We accept that we may not be perfect, but it takes small imperfect changes from all of us to make a bigger difference on a global scale. We will continue to work to meet evolving accessibility standards and best practices. We are committed to continually improving our products and services to ensure they work for as many users as possible.

Our factories: Workers matter every step of the way

It is important to us to develop a personal relationship with each of our factories. Our CEO visits each factory 2-3 times a year and emphasizes building strong bonds with the factory owners; they are also part of our family. We have also hired local managers who monitor our facilities more frequently on our behalf to ensure all operations are ethical. We ensure that while providing you with quality products, the conditions of the workers who develop them meet our standards. Audits are conducted twice a year to ensure that child labor is not used, wages are fair, and clean work spaces are provided for all workers. We are proud to say that one of our factories operates to SA8000 standards, which ensures quality working conditions for all. We hope to make the latter a larger part of our production in the future.


Building a career with us means becoming part of a loving family. We don’t just hire people, we hire passionate and driven individuals to round out our team. Our work environment is positive and welcoming. It includes passionate people who share a similar vision of how a conscientious fashion company should operate. If you’re passionate about fashion and want to be part of a growing organization that prioritizes social responsibility, integrity, and love in its operations, we’re looking for you!